janhvi kapoor looks sizzling hot in yellow swimsuit in maldives

The actress recently posted photos of herself on the beach in a yellow bikini, enjoying the sunset.

The actress also showed off the endless ocean and her home's sweeping vistas in a photo she posted online.

"Messy hair, iridescent skies, salty winds, and an endless ocean," the photographer remarked.

In response to her photos, her friend Orhan Awatramani said, "Mermaid's hair don't care."

The word "awesome" was used frequently by commenters. People have also commented on how hot she is.

Be as bright as the sun. It's hard to tell whether the sun or Janhvi's silver bikini shines brighter.

Stunning Instagram starlet dressed all in black The actress is stunning in this timeless all-black swimsuit.

In the moon's glow, Janhvi's beach attire, which features black flowers against a grey sky, has everyone in awe.

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