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‘Happy Family: Conditions Apply’ is a Hindi web series that focuses on the daily lives of the Dholakia family, a Gujarati family residing in Mumbai. The show explores the challenges and struggles of the family members as they navigate their relationships, work, and personal lives.

The series presents the family’s dynamics and idiosyncrasies in a humorous and relatable manner. The ensemble cast includes renowned actors such as Ratna Pathak Shah, Raj Babbar, Atul Kulkarni, Ayesha Jhulka, Sanah Kapur, Raunaq Kamdar, Meenal Sahu, and Ahaan Saboo.

Created by Aatish Kapadia, the show promises to be a fun and enjoyable watch that will make you laugh.

Happy Family Conditions Apply Web Series Details

Happy Family: Conditions Apply Web Series Details

The web series ‘Happy Family: Conditions Apply’ impresses right from its very first episode. It quickly introduces all the main characters and delves into the lives of the Dholakia family.

The family includes the adventurous Hemlata (Ratna Pathak Shah), her peacemaker husband Masukhlal (Raj Babbar), their son Ramesh (Atul Kulkarni), who manages the family pharmacy, and his selfie-obsessed wife Pallavi (Ayesha Jhulka).

The third generation comprises Ayushi (Sanah Kapur), her brother Sanjay (Raunaq Kamdar), and his wife Tisca (Meenal Sahu). And the focus of the show is on their son Aryan (Ahaan Saboo), the first of the fourth generation.

They are not a perfect family, but their dysfunctionality adds to the show’s appeal. The writing by Aatish Kapadia (who also created ‘Sarabhai vs Sarabhai’ and ‘Khichdi’) is quite layered and reminiscent of his previous works.

The show is a mash-up of his previous shows, with the same witty and quirky characters that make the show enjoyable. The dialogues are not exceptional but mundane, making them more relatable.

Each episode brings a new challenge for the Dholakia family, keeping the audience interested in their story. Nevertheless, the show’s jokes will continue to make you laugh until the very end.

Overall, this family comedy is a light-hearted and entertaining watch that is sure to make you laugh out loud.

The Cast and Crew of Happy Family: Conditions Apply

The cast of ‘Happy Family: Conditions Apply’ includes Ratna Pathak Shah as Hemlata Dholakia, Raj Babbar as Masukhlal Dholakia, Atul Kulkarni as Ramesh Dholakia, Ayesha Jhulka as Pallavi Dholakia, Sanah Kapur as Ayushi Dholakia, Raunaq Kamdar as Sanjay Dholakia, Meenal Sahu as Tisca Dholakia, and Ahaan Saboo as Aryan Dholakia.

The series is created by Aatish Kapadia, who is also the writer and is directed by Anant Mahadevan. The producers are Siddharth Randeria, Sanjay Shah, and Umesh Shukla, and the music is composed by Sachin-Jigar. The cinematography is handled by Alphonse Roy, and the editing is done by Faisal Mahadik and Imran Mahadik.

The cast of ‘Happy Family: Conditions Apply’ has impeccable comic timing, similar to the shows ‘Sarabhai vs Sarabhai’ and ‘Khichdi’. Rathna Pathak Shah plays Hemlata Dholakia, a contrast to her sophisticated Maya Sarabhai character, as a witty and cool Baa.

Raj Babbar effortlessly portrays the peacemaker of the family, while Atul Kulkarni initially seems out of place but fits in as the story progresses. Ayesha Jhulka portrays the roles of a responsible daughter-in-law, wife, mother, and grandmother with ease, and Sanah Kapur delivers an incredible performance.

Raunaq Kamdar and Meenal Sahu also perform admirably. However, while the humor and performances are fantastic, ‘Happy Family: Conditions Apply’ doesn’t venture beyond its central concept and is limited as a result. This is evident from the first four episodes available for review.

Release date of Happy Family: Conditions Apply Web Series

‘Happy Family: Conditions Apply’ was released on March 10, 2023.

Happy Family: Conditions Apply Movie Budget

As ‘Happy Family: Conditions Apply’ is a web series and not a movie, it does not have a traditional movie budget. The production and distribution costs for web series are usually different from those of movies, and they can vary greatly depending on factors such as the length of the series, the production quality, the cast and crew, and the platform on which it is released. Unfortunately, the exact budget for ‘Happy Family: Conditions Apply’ is not publicly available.

How To Watch Happy Family: Conditions Apply Online?

‘Happy Family: Conditions Apply’ can be watched online on the streaming platform MX Player. The show is available to watch for free with ads or ad-free with a subscription to MX Player’s premium service. Users can access the show on the MX Player website or through the MX Player app, which is available for download on both Android and iOS devices.

Official Trailer Release of Happy Family: Conditions Apply

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