What Is Dark Web And How Does It Work? Should You Access It?

Even though you all use the internet, but do you know what is this “dark web”? If not, then today’s article will be very useful for you.

Today we have to use internet for everything, whether we want to buy something online or talk to someone online. In this case, you may think you know everything about the web, and you may have seen almost everything there is to see on the web.

But it might surprise you to know that we only know about 4% of what is on the internet. Yes, Google, Yahoo and all other search engines only cover about 4% of the entire web. But, on the other hand, we know only a little about the other 96% of the web, which is beyond the reach of the average person.

The “dark web” is the name for the underground online world that cannot be searched through regular search engines. Instead, you can access the dark web with only some layer, such as TOR. The dark web gives you far more privacy and confidentiality than traditional websites.

Therefore, when most people think of the dark web, they think of online drug markets, the exchange of stolen data, and other illegal activities. Still, many people have good reasons for using the dark web, such as political dissidents and people who want to keep certain information private.

What Happens If You Go On The Dark Web?

In many ways, the dangers of the “dark web” are similar to those of the “open web”. In both places, teens may view pornographic material, inappropriate pictures of children, or sites selling drugs and weapons. The dark web is made up of websites that are on the public Internet but can only be accessed with specialized software. Search engines don’t index these sites, so no one can find them. The stolen information is traded, sold and used to make money, gain power or help themselves.

What Risk Does The Dark Web Pose?

Hackers and other cyber criminals often hang out on the dark web, making it dangerous to look around. People should be very careful when downloading files from the dark web as they may contain viruses, malware, trojans, ransomware or other harmful files.

Can You Be Tracked On The Dark Web?

Tor also has privacy extensions, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to track users on the dark web. For example, if you sign in to personal accounts on the dark web or visit websites with tracking scripts, your activity may be tracked.

Who Owns The Dark Web?

Roger Dingledine, one of the three founders of the Tor project, said in July 2017 that Facebook is the biggest hidden service. Only 3% of traffic on the Tor network is on the dark web.

Who Created The Dark Web?

The dark web is believed to have started in 2000, when University of Edinburgh student Ian Clarke released his thesis project Freenet. Clark wanted to create a “distributed decentralized information storage and retrieval system”. Clark wanted to create a new way for people to talk and share files online without being seen.

What Kind Of Things Are On The Dark Web?

Many illegal things are on the dark web, such as the black market for stolen credit cards and personal information, guns, malware, prostitution, sex trafficking, and drugs.

How Big Is The Dark Web?

Some experts say that the dark web makes up about 5% of everything on the Internet. Because the Deep Web is open to the public, it’s easy to get an idea of ​​just how big it is. On the Deep Web, there are over 200,000 sites.

What If Your Phone Number Is On The Dark Web?

Criminals can use this information in a number of ways, such as pretending to be you or using your social security number to create a fake identity. They may also use your information to create a driver’s license or medical insurance card that they can use if they get arrested or want to get medical care.

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