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To buy or sell almost anything anywhere in the world, OLX is your go-to online marketplace. It’s one of the most visited classified sites worldwide, and it’s available in more than 45 countries. Members can post items for sale, browse listings, and make contact with one another to complete transactions. Cars, gadgets, furniture, real estate, and more can all be bought and sold quickly and easily on this site, and it’s completely free to use.

OLX Office Address

IN 122002

Email address for OLX


OLX Customer care number

All India Number

OLX Customer Care Number 1860 258 3333

FAQ about OLX

  1. How do I complain to OLX India?

    You can contact us at 9999140999, via email at safety@olx.in, via our mobile app, or via regular mail at safety@olx.in if you see a fraudster or suspicious advertisement. We're going to look into it right now. Evidence in support of your claim, such as receipts, chat logs, phone recordings, etc., should be readily available.

  2. How does payment work on OLX?

    Although OLX facilitates the initiation of transactions, it does not facilitate the collection of funds, as this is often handled between the buyer and the user. Naturally, arranging a trade-in person is the safest approach to ensure that you will receive your things or your payment.

  3. How do I know if someone read my text on OLX?

    And you can see when someone has read your Chat thanks to the Blue ticks in the bottom right corner of your sent messages. For further assistance, call our helpline on 0800-10101 or connect to us via Live Chat.

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