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FamPay is the first youngster neobank in India. FamPay’s numberless card allows kids to make UPI and P2P payments online and in person without requiring them to open a bank account.

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1st Floor, L376 / A, 14th B Cross Rd,
Sector 6, HSR Layout, Bengaluru,
Karnataka 560102

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FAQ about FamPay NeoBank

  1. How many transactions are allowed in FamPay?

    A Min-KYC Wallet has a maximum monthly load limit of INR 10,000 and a maximum annual load limit of INR 1,20,000. No more than INR 10,000 can be in your Min-KYC Wallet anytime.

  2. Is there any risk in FamPay?

    Your financial information is safe with FamPay. Trusting someone or something with your money is a big deal, and we don't blame you for being wary. Read on as we detail how FamPay protects its teen and family users from fraud.

  3. How long can children use FamPay?

    FamPay from IDFC FIRST Bank is a teen-friendly payment system. IDFC FIRST Bank – FamPay allows users under 18 to sign up for an account and send and receive money, make digital payments with a prepaid card, and scan over UPI with ease. The question is: who is this intended for?

  4. Can parents track FamPay?

    Parents can track where the money is spent from this account. They can pay to your Wallet – Your account where parents can send you money.

  5. What is the minimum balance on a FamPay card?

    There are no monthly service costs associated with using FamPay or FamCard Me, and no minimum balance is needed to use either service.

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