how to correct Covid Vaccine Certificate

How to Correct Covid Vaccine Certificate, Make changes in Name, Age, Gender, Date of Birth, Mobile Number, and Spelling Mistakes.

You should know that we receive a certificate after completing the Covid vaccination program. Having received this certificate, you can rest assured that you are fully vaccinated.

However, sometimes there are some minor mistakes on the Covid Vaccine Certificate, such as the wrong name, date of birth, age, gender, etc., and we need to repair them so that you can use the certificate in the future.


Since we know you’re interested in Cowin Vaccine Certificate Correction Online, we’ll explain the process in detail. Please read this post thoroughly since it contains important information about obtaining vaccination certificates online without leaving your house.

You should receive your Vaccination Certificate shortly after your first dosage. If you discover any mistakes and want to have them corrected, there are ways to do so. Visiting the official webpage to update your vaccination certificates is a simple process.

The Covid Vaccine Certificate is unique because it allows us to correct mistakes. We intend to inform the reader of the common errors in the covid vaccination certificate and their corresponding corrections within the scope of this text. 

What are the mistakes happening in the Covid Vaccine Certificate?

A Vaccine Certificate is issued as part of the Covid Vaccine Program after vaccination with the Covid vaccine. Some errors have recently been uncovered in this certificate, and we will need to have them fixed.

  • The Covid-19 vaccination recipient’s name was misspelled or registered incorrectly.
  • The name is registered under the wrong gender.
  • The wrong birth date, phone number, etc., could have been misprinted on the vaccination form.

What can be corrected in the Covid Vaccine Certificate

Let me tell you a person with the wrong name, birth date, mobile number, or gender on his Covid Vaccine Certificate can easily update or modify the information. The catch is that you can only do this only once. You can’t change anything on your Covid Vaccine Program certificate besides your name, gender, and birthdate. Since you will only be allowed to submit a corrected copy of your covid vaccination program certificate, you must get the details right the first time.

What is the Correction procedure for Covid Vaccine Certificate?

It is very simple to make changes to your Covid Vaccine Certificate. You may do it online from the comfort of your home using a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

These instructions can help you get a better grade on your Covid Vaccine Certificate. Nonetheless, we will stress again that this edit is a one-and-done deal, so double-check your work before submitting it.

  • To update your Covid Vaccine Certificate, you must first log in to the official website where you first registered.
  • Search for the option of ‘Register / Sign in Self’ on the top, and you have to click on it.
  • You need to put your mobile number in the text box. When you enter your mobile number, an OTP from this website will be sent to your mobile number, which you must enter.
  • In the next step, you’ll notice Raise an Issue to the right of your mobile number after entering the OTP. Click on it
  • Following this, you’ll be given a choice to determine the source of the problem. To make minor changes to your certificate, select this option and click on it.
  • A new page will open with all your information already filled in. You can check and modify personal details like your identity, name, birth date, and gender. If there’s anything you’d like to modify, please do it here and then hit the “proceed” button.
  • Finally, the last step of the procedure is to double-check that all the information you entered is correct. You can send your form in if everything seems good by clicking the “Submit” button. What you’ve done so far will finish the job for you.

FAQ about how to correct Covid Vaccine Certificate

  1. How many times can we correct the information

    Only One time allowed

  2. What corrections can be made to the Covid Vaccine Certificate?

    Name, age, and sex are the only details that can change here. It's impossible to find any other links in it save this.

  3. What to do for editing or correction in the Covid Vaccine Certificate?

    To do this, please visit the Cowin website and complete the form accurately. Please refer to the procedure outlined above for further information.

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